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Paid Online Focus Group USA About Social Media – $125

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Online Focus Group about Finances – $110

Trying to clean up your finances? GetPaid $110 for an online focus group on finances between January 11-13! See if you qualify: ...

Online Focus Group about Water Drinkers – $125

Good Afternoon, Sparkling Water Drinkers! Focus Group by Schlesinger is looking for those who drink Sparkling Water, in the LGBTQ+ community, to join an upcoming market research study on Sparkling Water. Get Paid $125 ...

Online Focus Group about Television – $200

How have you been spending your time during the holidays? This is the one time when lounging and watching TV will make you money! Get Paid $200 ...

Online Focus Group about Pets – $125

Love your pets? GetPaid $125 for an online focus group on pet #supplies between January 11-14! See if you qualify ! ...

Online Focus Group about Food – $295

Is food one of your love languages? GetPaid up to $295 for an #online focus group on food ordering between January 20-21! See! ...

Online Focus Group about Haircare- $225

Is your haircare routine important to you? GetPaid $225 for online video assignments on #haircare between December 29 – January 15! ...

Online Focus Group about Vehicles- $500

We are looking for owners of the vehicles below, model year 2016 or newer and get paid $500 ...